EDELAC is a community of social transformation that benefits children, teenagers and families excluded in a social, economic and political way. EDELAC intervention is focused on human rights, ecology, and Mayan Cosmovision principals.

EDELAC believes that the purpose of human kind is to build, intervene, and transform its own integral reality through cooperation, solidarity, justice, and liberation with the goal of abolishing social inequality and oppression. EDELAC believes that this is the only way to have a sustainable future for humanity


  • To solve the problems of homeless children and adolescents in the region of Quetzaltenango through rehabilitation and education programs.
  • To guarantee counselors for adolescents that are ending their time in EDELAC’s shelter at the age of 18 so they have better chances of staying away from the streets
  • To organize productive projects with children, adolescents, parents, and community that are oriented to improve the quality of life in the region
  • To coordinate with OGs, ONGs, businesses, and civil society to influence public policies in Guatemala that guarantee an improvement in the lives of homeless children in Quetzaltenango


We are an institution that intervenes in the causes and effects of social injustice that affect the forgotten children and adolescents of Quetzaltenango. Rehabilitating and incorporating the affected children and adolescents to their families and community through a conscious cooperation of government and community.